Gwinnett App for Consumers

Gwinnett App is a resource for County Consumers

We excel at helping you find the products and services you are looking for with the power of video from local businesses. Find reviews, consumer votes, street maps with directions, instant messaging and many more ways to connect!

Gwinnett App for Businesses

Gwinnett App is a communication tool for businesses

We excel at helping businesses sell their products and services with the power of video. We provide Inbound Marketing tools, marketplace, instant messaging, and many more ways to connect!


The Gwinnett App was developed to create B2B and B2C connections in each of the 16 Cities that make up the Gwinnett County’s business community.

The App combines online and live direct Buy Local support with tools that are tailored for a 21st century economy and communications.

By providing business organizations, community development districts the tools to promote their economic development agendas while at the same time providing their business members with 21st century tools and solutions to compete in todays connected digital landscape we can assist local gwinnett businesses compete in todays online digital economy.

The Gwinnett App connects buyers to sellers in real-time communication and provides businesses with CRM tools to engage and close sales.

Buy Local

Gwinnett County Buy Local

Today consumers are quick to purchase in online marketplaces and stores while local businesses slowly dwindle in numbers. We provide solutions and tools that enable businesses to compete and make the shift to online sales as a means of additional revenue.

How do we work with business organizations?

We provide 21st century tools and methods to assist business and economic developement organizations assist their members. Public Private Collaboration with City Governments, City based business associations, CIDs and Gwinnett Chamber to support their business and economic development programs and promote and connect users with these programs as well as local businesses.

Gwinnett Connect Initiative

The Gwinnett Connect Initiative was formed to promote economic development in Gwinnett County by assisting Gwinnett businesses to compete in today's digital online economy.

By enabling Gwinnett business to connect via Gwinnett App with local customers online or in person, SMB and brick and mortar stores can compete in a even playing field with online retailers and marketplaces.

Gwinnett App combines the best of directory services and online marketplaces to enable users to request for information on company, products and services as well as enabling companies to communicate via video, messaging, chat and other mans on demand or real-time.